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Box 59


Contains 26 Collections and/or Records:

Lucy Maynard papers

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1021
Scope and Contents Letters to family in both Illinois and Massachusetts from Canton and LaHarpe, Illinois. Discusses the family, the crops, the houses, the natural vegetation, and the differences between the way things are done in Illinois and in Massachusetts such as cooking and the differences between people from different states.
Dates: Created: 1834 - 1845

John Mead commission

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1025
Scope and Contents Appointment, signed by Governor James Wood of Virginia, to ensign in the 32nd regiment, 7th brigade, 3rd division, 1st battalion of the Virginia militia. Note on back written by Henry F. Smith, Feb. 6, 1852, from Jeffersonville, Indiana, to "dear sir" asks if the whereabouts of the heirs of John Mead is known. States Mead died somewhere in Illinois.
Dates: Created: 1798 - 1852

Montgomery C. Meigs recollections

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1030
Scope and Contents Typed copy of Meigs reminiscence on the relations of President Lincoln and Secretary Stanton mainly with General McClellan. He discusses the replacement of Scott with McClellan, an unproductive meeting between McClellan, the President and a few others, McClellan's subsequent behavior and Lincoln and Stanton's responses to McClellan and other generals with a defense of those responses. A three page letter, Oct. 7, 1864, to General Sheridan's headquarters, regarding the death of his son and...
Dates: Created: Undated

Menard Family papers

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1032
Scope and Contents Letters, in French, mostly from Pierre to Peter discussing the family and business affairs. One broadside in English regarding the Menard Young Ladies' Academy of the Visitation in Kaskaskia.
Dates: Created: 1829 - 1844

Merriman Family papers

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1034
Scope and Contents Land transfer for Amos Merriman for Clarke land in Kentucky. A letter from James B. Clarke to his brother regarding some dissatisfaction on the part of Merriman, discussing how to deal with it and offering his help if he cannot settle it. Document giving power of attorney to Reuben Merriman for renting land left to Nathan Chambers by Cary S. Clarke. Indenture for sale of land in Kentucky from Amos to Reuben Merriman. Divorce decree, 1881 for R.A. Merriman and M.J. Merriman in Union County Iowa....
Dates: Created: 1811-1821, 1881

John W. Merritt letter

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1035
Scope and Contents Signed letter to Garret Wall in Trenton, New Jersey from Merritt, H.K.S. O'Melveny and Silas L. Bryan (father of William J.) as a committee chosen to represent citizens of Marion County concerned about the Conscription Law. Asks for Wall's advice, help and urges a convention of northern states to protest the law.
Dates: Created: March 17, 1863

Wesley Merritt letters

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1036
Scope and Contents Two letters to Miss Mason, undated re: providing letters for her to give to General Ruggles, a senator and Mr. Cummings of New York to help her in her cause. One letter to Gen. L.P. Bradley, Aug. 20, 1888, regarding Army of the Cumberland reunion. Two requisitions for supplies for reserve cavalry brigade, Nov. 3 and 21, 1863.
Dates: Created: 1863, 1888

Elias H. Merryman letter

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1037
Scope and Contents Letter to Captain T.O. Duncan in Jacksonville regarding the proposed visit of the Springfield Company visiting the Jacksonville Company. Discusses all of the reasons why he doubts it will take place. Gives updates of occurrences in the regiment and asks the Captain to help him in making a visit possible.
Dates: Created: September 6, 1838

James Burtis Merwin letter

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1038
Scope and Contents Letter to Mrs. Albert M. Smith in Middletown, Connecticut responding to request for an Abraham Lincoln autograph. Tells her he is unable to supply, but sends her a "perfect facsimile", a military order, a facsimile of Gen. Winfield Scott's signature and a copy of a speech he made at Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, Ill. May 1904.
Dates: Created: February 4, 1905

Daniel W. Messick letter

 Collection — Box: 59
Identifier: MS-SC1039
Scope and Contents Letter to his wife from Camp Lyon, Bird's Point, Missouri gives details of trip from Cairo, Ill. to Camp Lyon, camp life, the situation of the camp and his desire to get into the fight.
Dates: Created: February 3, 1862