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Box 79


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No folder or marker (Apparently transferred to Shaw Family box)

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: 02-08-001-Small Collection 1374

William W. Shepard letter

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1375
Scope and Contents Letter to "Grant"(later referred to as Col.) discusses political appointments in California, the certainty of war, "bloody" insurrections in the south, "robbery and resignations" of cabinet officers, "the treason of Buchanan", a plot against Lincoln, and New York sentiment re: war. States "the Irishmen ... ready to go down to S. Carolina" and even "Fernando Wood is for the fight."
Dates: Created: [December 1860]

George T. Sherman letter

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1379
Scope and Contents Letter to Hon. Thomas Carney, mailed from Berkshire, Delaware County, Ohio, stating he has found a desirable place to locate for both business and family in Hillsdale, Michigan. Gives a thorough description of it's location, businesses, schools and surrounding country. Hopes to start a grocery store and asks for a loan of $3000.00.
Dates: Created: February 1, 1863

John Sherman letters

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1380
Scope and Contents Letter, March 7, 1861, to Abraham Lincoln requesting an appointment for A.W. Hendry as territorial judge. Letter, April 7, 1887, to Lt. Gov. J.C. Smith and Hon. W.F. Calhoun re: an invitation to speak at Springfield, Illinois before the general assembly, which he compares as similar to a journey to Mecca. Praises the Illinois Republicans for their support of the party and the country.
Dates: Created: 1861, 1887

Thomas W. Sherman letters

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1381
Scope and Contents Letters, both to Captain Dahlgren at the Navy Yard and dated May 24, 1861, refer to care of the body of Col. Ellsworth and its removal to "the president's mansion." Ellsworth a native of New York had gone to Springfield, Ill. to study law and became involved in Lincoln's presidential campaign. When the war started, he returned to New York and helped form the New York Fire Zouaves. He was one of the first Union soldiers killed in the war.
Dates: Created: May 24, 1861

William Tecumseh Sherman letters to Major Willard Warner

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1382
Scope and Contents Letter to his friend Warner. One, 1863, discusses his report re: Colonel Woods. The remainder of the letters are written after the war and discuss his dislike of politics and refusal to be involved, the prospects for the south and of living in the south, Warner's election to the Senate and his need to travel the state and know its needs so as not to be perceived as a carpetbagger, organization of the militia, his preference for "noncommingling" of the races, and some business activities. He...
Dates: Created: 1863 - 1888

William Tecumseh Sherman letters

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1383
Scope and Contents Two letters from 1864, both to General McPherson. The first, April 6, from Nashville, Tenn. discusses maintaining the Mississippi River, his suggestion for Hurlbut and Slocum, the Red River Expedition and instructions re: Dept. of Tenn. The second, April 29, informs McPherson that he has instructed General Washburn to hold Forrest and as many of the enemy as possible. Letter, 1872, to William Stanley Hatch discusses how he got his name "Tecumseh". Letter, 1872, to Alexander S. Webb mentions...
Dates: Created: 1864 - 1886

Thomas Benton Shoaff letter

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1384
Scope and Contents Letter to Milo Custer re: his father James Shoaff who had edited the Decatur Gazette and a man named Price who worked at that paper and later for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.
Dates: Created: August 17, 1921

Henry C. Shotwell papers

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1386
Scope and Contents Letters from contemporaries and Illinois politicians endorsing the Shotwell engraving. Includes letters from Joseph Cannon, Joseph Fifer, Robert Ingersoll, Leonard Swett and T.B. Reed. Also includes note by Forest G. Sweet on using photo of Hesler and the Shotwell engraving as "a double frontispiece" for some collection of letters. Includes copy of the Shotwell engraving and a pamphlet for the product with numerous testimonials to its fineness.
Dates: Created: 1888 - 1895

Isabel Hastings Shriver and Mary E. Hastings papers

 Collection — Box: 79
Identifier: MS-SC1387
Scope and Contents Written statement by the two regarding their grandmother and her relationship with Nathan Hale. Several letters about and to George Dudley Seymour who had written an article which the granddaughters believed contained erroneous material and cast a disrespectful shadow over their grandmother's memory.
Dates: Created: 1928 - 1929