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Tennessee--History--Civil War, 1861-1865

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 26 Collections and/or Records:

Alonzo G. Payne diary

 Collection — Box 65
Identifier: MS-SC1152
Scope and Contents Typed transcript of diary kept during the last months of the war discusses travels through Mississippi and back to Tennessee where they remain for the duration of the war, his activities and those of his company. Mentions numerous others in the regiment giving tidbits of information about them. After the war talks of work done with Lieutenant Clad to finish up the work of the regiment. Speaks of his wife and family often.
Dates: Created: January 1 - June 22, 1865

Anson Patterson letters

 Collection — Box 65
Identifier: MS-SC1148
Scope and Contents Four letters to Helen and one to Auntie discuss his activities, occurrences and the cost of items at Nashville, his feelings about the war and the Confederacy. Mentions those from home who are doing well, sick or dead. Describes a deserter being discharged and the music played.
Dates: Created: 1862 - 1863

Augustine Vieira letters

 Collection — Box 93
Identifier: MS-SC1593
Scope and Contents Letters to Mrs. Harriet Stoddard in Waverly, Illinois from Pittsburgh Landing, Memphis, Natchez, and Marietta. Discusses war in Tennessee, his regiments activities, describes where they camp and are quartered, interactions with the Confederates. States his regiment is to go on dress parade before General Sherman. Several references to Gen. John Palmer. Last letter from Springfield, Ill. waiting for discharge tells of those trying to swindle discharged soldiers out of their money.
Dates: Created: 1862 - 1865

Benjamin T. Smith journal

 Collection — Box 80
Identifier: MS-SC1412
Scope and Contents Detailed, well written and fascinating account of his experience in the war. Gives very detailed personal accounts of his experiences at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Kenesaw Mountain, Resaca, Peach Tree Creek, siege of Atlanta, Nashville and the Battle of Franklin. Also creates a picture of day to day life in the army, the food, the marching, skirmishing, the wounded and dead, the medical treatment, the officers and other men in the regiment, nonmilitary people they meet, spies, plantations...
Dates: Created: 1861 - 1865

Charles W. Wills diaries

 Collection — Box 98
Identifier: MS-SC1668
Scope and Contents Charles W. Wills's diaries from January 1864 to May 1865. Includes description of life campaigning with the Army, as well as detailed accounts of major events, including the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Sherman's "March to the Sea", and the final months of the war for the 103rd Illinois.
Dates: Created: January 30, 1864-May 17, 1865

David D. Porter letter

 Collection — Box 67
Identifier: MS-SC1195
Scope and Contents Official copy of a letter to Gen. W.T. Sherman requesting that the Navy Yard and all shops and buildings in that area be turned over to Lt. Bishop for Navy use. Note by General S.A. Hurlbut, Dec. 20, 1862, at Memphis, Tenn., complying with request.
Dates: Created: December 19, 1862

Gifford S. Robinson papers

 Collection — Box 72
Identifier: MS-SC1282
Scope and Contents Diaries, Oct. 16, 1862-May 31, 1864, are an interesting account of his regiments activities across Tennessee at Nashville, Danville, Franklin and then to Chattanooga and Chickamauga. Detailed daily entries give a picture of camp life, regiment news, marching, skirmishes, contact with the rebels, the different towns they pass through, people they meet, generals who visit, and his long experience in the hospital in Tennessee and at Quincy, Illinois. Two letters, 1903, to his daughter, written...
Dates: Created: 1862-1864, 1903

Hope Family letters

Identifier: MS-SC4020
Scope and Contents James D. Hope (1811-1890s) was a farmer from Maryland. Through the Civil War, he and his family seem to have primarily been Confederate sympathizers. However, one son, Thomas Benton Hope (c. 1838-1864) moved to Scott County, Illinois prior to 1861 and enlisted with the Union Army, serving as a private in Company K of the 14th Illinois Infantry. Thomas Hope died of illness at Jefferson Barracks in 1864. The Hope Family letters collection contains three letters, written by different...
Dates: 1863

Ira Merchant letter

 Collection — Box 59
Identifier: MS-SC1033
Scope and Contents Letter written to Henry Yates from Fort Henry, Tennessee. Describes traveling per ship to Fort Henry, marching through the mud, witnessing the dead killed by the shelling from their boat and coming into Fort Henry.
Dates: Created: February 26, 1862

Jacob H. Mechling diary

 Collection — Box 59
Identifier: MS-SC1029
Scope and Contents Mechling's diary gives account of each day for the 126th Illinois, including camp life, different regiments they come in contact with, rumors heard, generals who pass through, the sick, the dead, sights he sees, and war activities. In the back has recipes for several puddings and cakes.
Dates: Created: January 1 - November 9, 1863